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Who has time to meditate?? 

Back in the day, I went to a weekly meditation group in Austin, Texas. It was great for managing my stress, working through difficult problems, and kept me grounded. Nowadays it’s been extremely difficult to restart an active meditative practice with my hectic schedule.

Why re/start? Benefits are endless – helps with stress and anxiety, increases attention span and self-awareness, improves sleep quality to name a few.

Then B-A-M! After a good brainstorm, a really good idea came to mind. Some time ago, I read (and reread) an excellent book titled, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.” It’s fantastic! It speaks about moving mediation. In other words, it’s about being mindful while doing something mundane like washing the dishes. I thought I could apply this much more effectively by incorporating it into my existing life.

This current practice is new, only about one month so far. I’m listening to one hour of instrumental meditative music (Chants, singing bowls, drum music, etc.) from a popular YouTube channel called Meditative Mind. The link is posted below. I’ll try different tracks until I find something interesting, then I’ll start my activity. For driving long distances, I have my usual pitstops and can start/stop the track. It’s nice to drive with engaging meditative music because it gives my brain a break from the audio books and podcasts I have playing. At bedtime, I’ll play something instrumental while I do a series of stretches or yoga sun salutations.

Inspiration for starting a moving mediation:
–Walking/hiking/running outdoors
Cooking a meal
Eating a meal
Folding laundry
Gardening/yard work
–Doing something creative (Those coloring books!)
Yoga or stretching

How to get started:
1. Remove or reduce distractions like phone notifications or television.
2. Play some relaxing music tracks of your choice.
3. Stay present in the moment while you engage in your chosen activity. Redirect your mind when it wanders off from focusing on the task. Observe all the sensory details of the task.
4. Viola! You’re in a meditative state of mind.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice

Meditative Mind YouTube Channel


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